University of Kentucky - Top 20 Business Plan- President's Introduction
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President Todd's Top 20 Business Plan Introduction

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Text Transcript

In 1997, this university was charged by the General Assembly to become a Top 20 public research institution. From the very beginning the objective was clear. The method – the plan that would take us there – was not. Until now.

Soon UK will be unveiling a Top 20 Business Plan, designed to put in financial terms the Top 20 Compact the University of Kentucky and the Commonwealth agreed to in 1997.

We will put that Plan on the table as we talk with the General Assembly and the Governor and our donors about what it is going to take for us to become a Top 20 university.

In the eight years since the Compact was formed, our faculty and staff have made great progress. But we have more to do.

Kentucky has some tough decisions ahead. We must decide whether Kentucky is willing to do what it takes over the next several years to lay the financial foundation necessary for our success.

We need investments in our people – our faculty, staff and students. We need investments in our infrastructure if we dare to change our education, our health care, our economy and our communities.

We need to invest in our flagship university as we never have before.

And we need your help.

I hope you take time to study our Top 20 Business Plan and join me as we strive to make Kentucky a better place for our children and grandchildren.


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