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Concur First-Time Users

Concur is UK's online travel reservation system, administered by our lead agency AAA Corporate Travel. The system offers flexibility of 24/7 business and personal (leisure) travel arrangements, and displays all published and internet airfares as well as UK's discounts with Delta and United airlines.  UK's rental car discounts with Enterprise, National, Avis and Hertz are also displayed.  The service fee to use Concur is $6 for each domestic or international ticket issued.  No fee will be charged for a hotel or rental car reservation.

To access Concur, you must first register on the system and then build your travel profile, which is a collection of data about you that Concur and AAA full service agents will use to make all your travel arrangements.  Please do not create duplicate profiles - if you feel there may be a profile already created, please call the Concur Help Desk at  877-463-0543 for assistance.

Here are the steps to get you started on Concur:

  1. Call AAA's Concur Help Desk at 877-463-0543 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. to request the link to the UK Concur Registration page.  You must provide the Help Desk with a valid UK email address, and then you will be emailed the registration link.  Once on the registration site:

  1. Complete Travel Profile before Making Travel Arrangements.

  1. After Travel Profile is Completed, Begin Making Travel Arrangements.

Concur Help Desk