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Service Fees

All travel agencies charge a service fee to their clients since the airlines stopped paying commissions to agencies. This service fee is assessed on each "transaction" processed by the travel agency, to include airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rental reservations. UK's negotiated service fee for using a full-service AAA or Avant Travel agent are:

UK's negotiated service fees for using Concur, UK's self-service online booking tool (no agent assistance) are:

Agency Service Fee: A transaction fee will be charged each time an airline ticket is processed (purchased). Therefore, please keep in mind that if a traveler requests a change in a ticket that has already been processed (purchased), this may result in a new ticket being issued as well as another transaction fee being charged. Transaction fees are nonrefundable if a ticket is voided, refunded or exchanged.

Other Transaction Fees may be applicable under certain circumstances.

Agency Service Fee Benefits: Our negotiated service fees with AAA and Avant Travel are supported by the University and carry the following benefits for our business travelers.

Special Note: Should a traveler use an alternate travel agency (other than AAA and Avant Travel), the agency's transaction fee reimbursed to the traveler shall be no more than the fee charged by UK's travel agencies.