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How to Apply


There are two easy steps, and you can begin at any time prior to graduation!

1. Contact the advising office where your primary major is housed to complete the necessary paperwork to make a "certificate declaration". This is the same process you would follow to add a minor, or second major, to your degree. You and your advisor may then track your progress with APEX.

2. Self-enroll in the Blackboard "CGS Course". This allows us to set up a file for you.

1. Login, using your Link Blue ID, at the Blackboard site.

2. At 'My Bb', click on the 'Courses' sub-tab in the upper left corner.

3. In the 'Course Search' box type in CGS and click on "Go".

4. The course should be the only one to come up.

5. "Mouse over" the 'Course ID' and when the drop-down menu button appears, click on the button, and select 'Enroll'.

6. Enter 'CGS2013' in the 'Access Code' box and click on 'Submit'


Blackboard giving you difficulties? The site offers HELP on its login page. You can also get assistance from TheHub in the basement of the William T. Young Library. You may also contact, or call UKIT Help: (859) 281-4357.


The staff who add the certificate to the student's record in SAP should be sure to add the certificate as:

1) An additional (2nd) program of study if the student is a current degree seeking student OR

2) As the primary (1st) program of study if the student is non-degree seeking and has previously earned a University of Kentucky undergraduate degree.

***Please see the IRIS help site for procedural documents regarding the addition of a program study.***

It is important to note that there must be an exception entered in APEX in order for the requirements to appear on a student's` degree audit once the student has declared for the certificate. This process should be completed immediately after the information is added in SAP so that all advisors and students can keep track of the requirements. Please see the attached file on how to add the Certificate in APEX.

***IMPORTANT: Students pursuing only a certificate program (Undergraduate or Graduate) are NOT eligible for federal financial aid. ***

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