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Credit-Bearing Education Abroad Component

The Certificate of Global Studies shows that you have earned at least one academic credit hour (other than credit granted for ISP 599*) while studying, interning, or conducting research in a location outside the United States. ** Examples include credit hours granted by:

  • Credit-bearing programs listed with the Office of Education Abroad at UK;
  • Education abroad programs offered by other colleges and universities ***
  • Programs of study at foreign colleges and universities***

* ISP 599 is the course required for all students who are obtaining credit through Education Abroad at the University of Kentucky, but it is conducted on campus.

**You must travel to a site outside the United States to meet this requirement, but exceptions may be made for education abroad in Puerto Rico or other US possessions overseas.

*** In most cases, you may only use academic credit accepted as transfer credit by the University of Kentucky

For any questions on education abroad credit, see your academic advisor or the Faculty Director:


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