Co-Curricular Essays

Instructions for Completing the Co-curricular Essays.

Please Visit the 'CGS Certificate of Global Studies' page in Blackboard to complete this assignment.

The Certificate of Global Studies requires participation in a minimum of two internationally focused events (lectures, films, performances, etc.) held in the U.S. These events may be sponsored by UK or by a non-UK organizer. A calendar from the International Center at UK is here; email Professor Slaymaker for permission for eligible events


Co-Curricular Essay Rubric

View a Video with Instructions for Submitting.

Submit a one-page reflective essay for each event you attend, documenting the cultural input gleaned from the experience. See the rubric for the structure of this. (You will also find it in the list to the left of this page).
This one-page essay (approximately 300-350 words, about 3 paragraphs) is a description, analysis, and reflection of a global event that you attended. (Remember to check the website for parameters of appropriate events.)

There are two steps to this assignment.

1) Post your essay on the site. (You will sign in with your account).

2) Copy and paste your blog post into this assignment. Please consult the video instructions above.
In the first paragraph: DESCRIBE the event that you attended or participated in. You should do more than simply summarize - you should describe what you saw and what you felt. Do more than simple tell what occurred; you should also describe what occurred. Ther eare many ways to do this. Include the sights, sounds, smells, as well as your reactions - how did it feel, how did it look?

In the second paragraph you should ANALYZE the event. You should indicate what you have learned about the culture you observed and the culture from which you observed (i.e. your own). You should draw from cultural analysis that you have learned in class, for example. Such questions as the following can help organize this section: Did the event include sufficient information to draw inferences and analyze culture? What summations and interactions can you make with the culture you study. What other ways can you analyze what you experienced? Can one even talk about "Culture" in a context such as this?

In the third paragraph you should REFLECT on the event and your experience of it. Here, think about how this event helps you to understand the culture represented as well as your own. For example, At what points might there be overlap, at what points difference?

Before you can proceed to the next essay, you must peer edit 2 other submissions.


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