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Who should apply? (FAQs)

I’m in engineering; why would a Certificate of Global Studies be useful?
International experience is highly desirable in fields such as engineering, geology, agriculture and journalism, where travel and cross-cultural skills are ever more important! A CGS notifies employers that you have this valuable background.

Most of my classmates have studied abroad - and studied a foreign language - as my major is art history. Should we all apply for a Certificate of Global Studies?

Yes! Graduate programs may expect art history, architecture, geography and anthropology majors to have had international experience, but employers and professional programs may not realize that you have worked abroad and mastered a second language. A CGS will highlight your distinctive skills and perspectives.

I’m getting my degree in pharmacy; will a Certificate of Global Studies help my career?

Yes! There is a Certificate in Global Health at the University of Kentucky, but it is only for graduate students.

I’m interested in medical school; will a Certificate of Global Studies enhance my application?

We can’t make any promises, but the CGS does demonstrate that you have insights and abilities that will help you practice medicine in a diverse world!

As a business major, should I apply for a Certificate in Global Studies or the Global Scholars Program?

You must apply to be a Global Scholar an incoming freshman - you cannot join the program as a sophomore or junior. See:
On the other hand, you can apply for the Certificate of Global Studies at any time before you graduate, and it is thus a great option for students in your college who were unable to become Global Scholars.

I’m in the Honors Program; do I need to have a Certificate of Global Studies on my transcript?

Why not add it? Similar programs at other universities do not always have an international component, so your overseas experience may not be evident to those outside the university unless you highlight it with a CGS.

I am considering adding a minor in International Studies. Should I also apply for a Certificate in Global Studies?

While students have, in fact, added a CGS to their degree in International Studies, think about choosing just one of these options. Although they document different types of achievements, both appear on your transcript and announce your interest in global issues. To find how a major or minor in International Studies compares to a CGS, see:


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