As the state's flagship institution and premier public research institution, the University of Kentucky looks forward to working with school officials in creating the best possible UK Dual Credit Program. A general purpose for partnering with the University of Kentucky in a dual credit program is to provide academic enrichment opportunities to high school students who show they are ready for the rigors and challenges of coursework in a research-extensive university.

For those students who aspire to continue their academic career in the state's flagship institution, UK offers our Kentucky youth and their families a depth and breadth of college-level experiences that cannot be found on any other Kentucky campus. Our students enjoy an array of choices, with over 200 majors and degree programs as well as undergraduate research and internships available in 17 academic and professional colleges. UK is one of only a few universities in the nation with both a full-service academic medical center as well as a College of Agriculture on a single campus. Please visit the UK College Portrait and compare what UK offers with the portraits of other institutions:

Some students may want to take advantage of other dual credit programs or accelerated programs offered in their high school. UK's Dual Credit Program serves as an alternative to - and will work to find ways to complement and enhancethose programs already in place with Kentucky high schools, community colleges or comprehensive universities.

UK is willing to work with its school partners to offer any undergraduate courses for dual credit based on the recommendation and approval of the Faculty. Department and academic unit faculty determine the quality and quantity of UK dual credit courses associated with their UK degree program. For example, the UK department faculty approve the credentials of the instructor of a dual credit course and agree to oversee the instructor's work similar to any other UK instructor. If a high school teacher does not meet departmental approval for an instructor of record, the department may assign a faculty supervisor and include the teacher as a teaching assistant in the high school classroom instruction (similar to regular graduate student assistants in traditional UK classrooms). Some UK departments are considering graduate certificate programs that will support the professional development strategies for high school teachers to be qualified to teach a UK course for their Dual Credit courses. UK has many services and resources available to students at a distance. However, some department faculty may require all students enrolled in a course (whether on campus or at a distance) to attend a common study session or common exam. These requirements should be addressed up front with the partnership agreement, and accommodations to meet the best interests of the student and quality of instruction.

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies (who is also the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education) works with the appropriate UK Deans of the colleges (where the Dual Credit course offerings reside) to bring the proposed partnership and list of selected courses forward for the UK Undergraduate Council's approval together with the College of Education. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies maintains regular communications between UK and the school partners.

If you are a school official and wish to see next steps in how to create a Dual Credit Partnership with the University of Kentucky, please review the information available at


Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) - in effect as of June 24, 2013

This partnership explains how UK and FCPS will cooperate in an academic enrichment initiative for secondary students. UK faculty will teach the curricula for all academic dual credit courses in this program and adhere to the regular UK academic calendar. The UK department is responsible for periodic assessment of student artifacts to ensure comparable learning with traditional UK courses. The academic advisors in Undergraduate Studies are responsible for working with the UK department and college staff to assure appropriate placement and/or supplemental instruction if any is required for each student.

Dual Credit


Dual Credit FAQs [PDF]

A Handbook for Working Together on a Dual Credit Partnership with the University of Kentucky [PDF]

Documents Packet for Undergraduate Council, 18 June 2013 [PDF]