UK's Dual Credit Partnership with Secondary Schools

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1. Upon approval by the Undergraduate Council, the department chair then sends

2. Admissions sends the short form application to the appropriate contacts at the school and receives from them the documentation needed, including a letter from the guidance counselor documenting dual credit status of the course in the student(s) Individual Learning Plan at the school. NOTE: currently enrolled high school students who apply to take a UK course do not pay the usual application fee, however, UK tuition for that course must be paid.

3. If appropriate, financial aid counselors and scholarship staff are assigned to individual students and parents to help with filling out any forms necessary to pay for the college tuition and fees.

4. Registrar seats the successful applicants in the assigned course/sections in SAP and assigns each enrolled (non-degree) student with a UK academic advisor as directed by the Senior Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

5. Admissions tracks and communicates with students and their families as to the status of the UK application for course credit.

6. Course commences and the instructor (or instructor of record) submits midterm and final grades as per the UK department academic calendar and grading scale.

7. Course instruction is evaluated using a modified TCE form that includes some common questions regarding the dual credit program and/or learning outcomes artifacts (e.g., for general education program assessment).