Request to Pilot University-wide Course

The UK course prefix represents a series of courses that are offered under the purview of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies - who is also the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. Please see the current course descriptions in the UK Bulletin [PDF]. These courses offered with a UK- prefix represent a University-wide audience and are crafted to meet a strategic goal for undergraduate education at the University of Kentucky.

There are several courses that allow for faculty (and teaching staff with a faculty sponsor) to pilot a new course that meets a university-wide purpose.

Each proposal for a pilot course must be approved by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. Courses must be given approval at the departmental and college level prior to seeking approval from the Associate Provost to ensure that resources are in place to teach the course. A particular title may be offered at most two times prior to submitting a course proposal for formal approval by Undergraduate Council.

Since all UK curriculum is a faculty governance and accountability issue, any teaching staff who wish to offer a permanent UK course should work closely with a UK Faculty member to design and implement a UK- course. We encourage faculty and teaching staff to be “experimental” in their approaches, while also ensuring that the course meets a particularly important University-wide strategic goal. UK- courses, will be expected to participate in regular Teacher/Course Evaluations and any other programmatic assessment strategies undertaken by the unit or Undergraduate Education.
All requests for teaching an experimental course under a UK- prefix must include the following components:

The proposal should be submitted to Terri Runyon, in the Division of Undergraduate Education, at