Global Studies Certificate

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The Certificate of Global Studies attests to your ability to live and work in a global community. It documents the global issues you have studied in your undergraduate courses, the credit you have earned through education abroad, the second language in which you have learned to communicate, and your internationally-focused activities in the United States. It recognizes that all of these experiences have provided you with unique insights as a world citizen.

No matter what your major, the Certificate of Global Studies announces - on your transcript - that your undergraduate work has provided you with distinctive skills and perspectives, and that you are prepared for future careers in our inter-connected world.

The Certificate of Global Studies has four interlocking components (learn more by clicking on one of the components)

1) globally focused coursework
2) language study
3) credit-bearing education abroad
4) international activities in the United States.

If you have earned academic credit for education abroad, chances are that you have already met the requirements for the first three!

The fourth component is simply an opportunity to apply your cross-cultural skills in your home community, and it allows you to produce two written narratives. While serving as a personal reflection, each essay will help you present your valuable skills and unusual background to an employer, a graduate program, or a professional association.