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Presentation U! is part of Transformative Learning, a unit in the Division of Undergraduate Education. We are a state-of-the-art multimodal communication center offering tutoring for students and support services for faculty to increase oral, written, and visual communication competence both inside and outside of the classroom, as part of UK's Quality Enhancement Plan (a component of the requirements for our SACS-COC accreditation). We reach across the University to serve:

Students/Faculty/Staff: Anyone (students, faculty, staff) can come to Presentation U! to get help with honing any aspect of their multimodal communication skills and/or projects (e.g., public speeches, academic papers, group presentations, computerized slideshows, digital projects, and more). Find our tutoring schedule and make an appointment here! Drop-ins are also welcome.

Faculty: Faculty from across campus can apply to be a Faculty Fellow. The Presentation U! team will work with Faculty Fellows (in workshops, small groups mentoring, and individual consultations) to develop multimodal communication instructional modules, assignments, grading rubrics, and assessment methods they can integrate into their courses.

Graduate Students: Graduate students can apply to serve as Graduate Teaching Assistants working with the Presentation U! leadership team as mentors to undergraduate tutors in Presentation U! and as presenters at faculty development workshops across campus.

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students can apply to serve as Peer Tutors helping other students polish their multimodal communication skills.