PresentationU! Implementation

Presentation UPresentation U! is UK's Quality Enhancement Plan (part of the requirements for our SACS-COC accreditation). This initiative officially began January 1, 2014, and it will reach across the University to serve:


Dr. Deanna Sellnow, Director of the PresentationU! initiative

Dr. Brandi N. Frisby, PresentationU! Faculty Fellows coordinator


Marjorie Buckner, Instructional Communication graduate teaching assistant

Amy Gaffney, Instructional Communication

Judy Gatton-Prats, Writing Rhetoric and Digital Media

Sarah Kercsmar, Instructional Communication

Mike Pennell, Instructional Communication

Molly Reynolds, Instructional Communication

Brandy Scalise, Writing Rhetoric and Digital Media

Leah Simpson, Office of Assessment

Jami Warren, Instructional Communication

Verhsawn Young, English



View the first cohort of Faculty Fellows here.

Spring 2014:
Attend 3 or more luncheon workshops lead by multimodal composition and communication (MCXC) experts to learn strategies for integrating MCXC (oral, written, visual, digital) instruction and assignments into a course.
Work one-on-one with mentors to redesign syllabi in ways that effectively integrate MCXC components into upper division courses.
Honorarium: $1000

Fall 2014:

Teach newly designed course and collect authentic MCXC assessment data.
Honorarium: $1000

Spring 2015:
Examine assessment data and modify instruction and assignments (or not) as warranted.Share experiences (successes and lessons learned) with new cohort of faculty fellows in the form of a luncheon presentation and/or documents archived in the Presentation U online repository.
Honorarium: $1000