All proposals submitted to Undergraduate Council must have been approved at the College level prior to submission. Additionally, the proposals should be sent to UG Council from the appropriate College Contact. Submit the completed application, preferably electronically, to:

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
c/o Joanie Ett-Mims
113 Bowman Hall
Campus 0059

Each proposal must consist of the appropriate University Senate form and a Routing Log which can be found on the Senate Forms page.

The Routing Log must still have the required information on it from each level of approval, but there is no longer a requirement for signatures. PDF signatures often lock the proposals causing problems, so, please, do not sign the forms electronically.

All new course and major course change proposals must also have a syllabus included that meets Senate Syllabus Guidelines. Below is a link to the guidelines, and also s Syllabus Template which provides some standard, boilerplate language for syllabi based on Senate Syllabus Guidelines. Feel free to cut and paste from the syllabus template.

Syllabus Template [.docx]

Senate Syllabus Guidelines [PDF]


If a course is for the UK Core, it must be submitted directly to the General Education Oversight Committee for approval prior to being reviewed by Council. There are also different forms for UK Core proposals. Please go to for more information.

NOTE: A digital curriculum submission and management system is in development. This process will increase efficiency of the process and will be in place soon!