What we do


The mission of the Division of Undergraduate Education is to promote academic excellence through collaboration with colleges and support units across the University. The mission is realized through both administrative supervision and support of premier undergraduate programs and academic support units for students and faculty, as well as administrative leadership for curricular reform. Central to this mission is campus leadership on issues pertinent to student retention, curriculum reform, and innovation in teaching and learning.


As we work to achieve our Mission, we do so while maintaining our dedication to the following values:

  • Educational Excellence: We have high standards for achievement in all we do and we communicate those standards externally.

  • Life-Long Learning: learning is not a discrete activity, but rather a continuous, and life-long endeavor. We must continue to learn for personal and societal growth.

  • Creative Innovation: Embracing openness to change, experimentation, curiosity.

  • Student-Centered Focus: We are committed to the success of all students at UK.

  • Diversity: Our strengths lie in the differences among us. We are from many cultures and lands, and we must learn from one another to improve our world.

  • Collaboration: We will only be successful if we leverage the strengths of all units on campus, including colleges and other administrative units of the University of Kentucky.

  • Respect: we treat students, faculty and staff with the respect they deserve in order to build and maintain a productive and meaningful learning and work environment.


Read about the UGE committees and councils here.


Provost Christine M. Riordan addressed the Division of Undergraduate Education on November 26, 2013. You may download the PowerPoint file here.


View the Division of Undergraduate Education Strategic Plan [PDF]

University Strategic Planning Process,
Goal #1: Create a Vibrant Leaning Community