Data Storage Information

Data Storage Information

Questions and problems should be sent to

If you would like to know more about backups and archives please see the TSM web page, or send us mail. Even if you have interacted directly with a TSM admin in the past, please use the email address above; it helps avoid problems if someone is out of the office.

The main backups machine is There are other TSM servers; you may not back up to the master instance depending on your requirements and the availablity of space. The main machine for SFTP(HSM) storage is It depends on the TSM servers for tape handling.

Be aware that you can not use your hsm userid until you first set an e-mail address for that userid. To do that, ssh to and pick Set Email Address. Then follow the instructions.

SFTP to hsm takes you to a disk holding area for the tape storage system. You CAN ssh to hsm in order to change your e-mail address, change your password, and perform other functions.

Other links that may be helpful to new users:

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