Grads returning home.

A good job is hard to find, especially when you’re starting out and don’t have any experience outside of summer jobs on your resume. Actually, any job is scarce these days. And it’s harder for people fresh out of school crowd to find work. Unemployment for people aged 20-24 is reported to be almost 15%, and a recent survey shows 85% of college graduates planned to move back home (sometimes called Boomerang Kids).

This isn’t to say that parents aren’t thrilled when their offspring return; rather, there are new realities for both parents and the young adults.

Most kids who move home do so to save money but find that they have to contribute to their family income in the form of paying the electric bill or buying family useful but mundane products such as detergent. However, things may be improving. According to an article on CNNMoney:

“The job picture for recent grads may be brightening, however. Employers expect to hire 13.5% more new grads from the Class of 2011 than they hired from the Class of 2010, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.”

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