The Class of 2014

I ran across an article describing the College Class of 2014 and the Beloit College Mindset list (available here) and found some humor in some of the items, such as “Clint Eastwood is better known as a sensitive director than as Dirty Harry”. I decided to compile my own list – Uncommon sense tips for the Class of 2014.

1. Don’t spend more than you take home (someone please clue in Congress).
2. Credit Cards are not really free money. Someone, somewhere will eventually have to pay the bill.
3. Cool sports shoes don’t really make you run faster or jump higher. I suspect they don’t even help with 3 pointers.
4. Old people aren’t necessarily any smarter than you are, but they have a lot more experience. You should listen to them, at least once in a while.
5. Young people may not have much experience, but they may have a new idea. You should listen to them, at least once in a while.
6. Believe it or not, we’ve known since 1973 that we had better develop an alternative fuel. Still waiting…
7. Hollywood used to make patriotic movies. No, really, they did.
8. Treat good friends well and they’ll last a lifetime.
9. At one time, playing a game actually meant going outside. Get some fresh air. And exercise.
10. Make sure your Facebook page can pass the Grandma test.
11. You may be flat broke, but you have at least one valuable possession – your identity. Protect it.
12. Student Loans are for school expenses. If you live like a professional as a student you may have to live like a student when you’re a professional.
13. Don’t spend all night studying for a test. You’ll do better on your test with some sleep than without it.
14. Be yourself. After all, who is better qualified?

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