Yearly Archives: 2011

Do It Yourself?

While I was in the service and visiting my parents while on leave, my Mom told me about a plumbing problem that my Dad tried to fix. Turns out that somehow or other he tried to loosen some pipes and… Read More »

Easy Ways to Start Saving Money

Everyone (alright, most people) knows that we’re supposed to start a savings account.  So how do we do that when we have more month left at the end of our money?  In a nutshell, do things like: Have a set… Read More »

Retirement Options

My Dad worked all his life for one company from age 17 until retirement, with a 3 year break for sailing around in the Pacific during WWII. In those days, retirement options usually meant working for yourself, or your family… Read More »

October 17, 2011 – Phishing Scam

UKFCU is receiving phone calls from members concerning a phishing scam. The phone calls members are receiving are automated and state it is from the CU, that their account has been deactivated and in order to reactive the account they… Read More »

Saving Money on Food

I saw a page from a university’s web site showing the cost of various meal tickets and noted how expensive some of the meal plans were, which got me to wondering how we could save money on food. Eating, after… Read More »

September 26, 2011 – Phishing Scam

UKFCU has received notice of a phishing attempt. Some members are reporting receiving a text message like the following: “ a pending alert has been placed on your credit union card. Call toll free 1-859-908-3268 for more information.” Please delete… Read More »

You’re Spending How Much?

I just read about a former NFL player who retired a couple of years ago and, after making tens of millions of dollars in a short career, has declared himself broke and living with his parents. How in the world… Read More »