Easy Ways to Start Saving Money

Everyone (alright, most people) knows that we’re supposed to start a savings account.  So how do we do that when we have more month left at the end of our money?  In a nutshell, do things like:

  • Have a set amount automatically deposited into a Savings account every payday.  It could be a small amount or a larger amount, but start now and let it accumulate (plus receive interest).
  • Pay yourself every time you do laundry – if you have your own washer/dryer, put a dollar or two into a jar (or whatever) for every load of wash – it’ll add up fast.  When you fill the container, bring it to your credit union and put it into a Savings account
  • Empty your pockets or purse of the change you accumulate during the day and put it into a jar or piggy bank.  Deposit the coins into a Savings account every month.
  • When grocery shopping, use a list to cut down on impulse buying.  Put the extra money you estimate you’ve saved into your saving jar.

The most important things to remember are discipline, discipline, and discipline.

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