Some people may misunderstand frugality

I’m always amazed at what people buy because they “need” it (I include myself in that one – does anyone need a barely used Home Gym?). Some people may think buying what you need and bypassing what you don’t really need is nothing more than being “cheap” when, in reality, it is making sure that you get the most from the money and resources you have.

For those who are just beginning to embrace the frugal lifestyle, here are 10 purchase commandments to live by.
10. Thou shalt not buy things you don’t need – and learn the difference between want and need.
9. Thou shalt only buy when you have the money – think twice before pulling out that credit card.
8. Thou shalt purchase by value, not price.
7. Thou shalt be patient – don’t buy the first thing you see; look around.
6. Thou shalt buy used – if that’s the best deal.
5. Thou shalt look for alternatives before buying.
4. Thou shalt ignore the Joneses – besides, they have more debt than you’d want.
3. Thou shalt not pay full retail price without checking other sources.
2. Thou shalt not waste – buy only as much as you need.
1. Thou shalt begin to save a set amount every paycheck.

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