Yearly Archives: 2012

Charges on Credit Cards

Do you check your credit card statement to ensure it’s accurate?  Are there any unexpected items on it?  Research indicates that, although we are responsible for our statements, we rarely, if ever, review it thoroughly. Here’s why you should –… Read More »

Personal Finance for College Students

UKFCU features a Personal Financial Program under the Planning Tools section of our web site called MoneyEd. One of the selections under that area is titled Personal Finance for College Students, which breaks it down into 4 steps: Open a… Read More »

Money Mistakes

Have you ever sat down and thought back to some decision you made that seemed appropriate at the time but turned out to be a less than stellar move? I sure have, for example when I bought a used car… Read More »

Why Join a Credit Union?

Having worked at banks both large and small as well as having been part of the credit union world, I can compare the two worlds with reasonable detachment and accuracy.  Most differences are due to the fact that banks are… Read More »

Choosing a college degree

While it’s true that people with a college degree earn, on average, a higher lifetime income than those who have none, not all college majors are created equal. In fact, graduates with certain majors sometimes fare worse in the labor… Read More »

12 Months Same As Cash…or is it?

We’ve all seen the ads, heard the commercials…“Buy now, 12 months same as cash!” Are these deals good or bad? Are they a rip-off? What’s the catch? They may not be a rip-off as long as you pay off the… Read More »

Budgeting tips for parents and students

You may think that because your student doesn’t earn a lot of income they really don’t need to budget, but, on the contrary, it’s the perfect time for a student to learn money management skills that will help them through… Read More »

July 9, 2012 – Phishing Scam

UKFCU has been made aware that a number of people in the Central Kentucky area have received a letter that claims to inform the recipient that they are a “Customer Service Evaluator”. The letter says that the recipient is to… Read More »