Choosing a college degree

While it’s true that people with a college degree earn, on average, a higher lifetime income than those who have none, not all college majors are created equal. In fact, graduates with certain majors sometimes fare worse in the labor force than workers who stopped going to school after high school. analyzed the jobless rates and salaries for graduates with the 100 most popular majors to come up with our list of the ten worst values in college majors.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t major in these studies, but be advised that graduates with the following degrees are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed than the average worker.  While it’s good to enter a field which you find interesting and/or exciting, it’s good to remember that some offer better job opportunities and higher income than others. The degrees considered the ten worst for job prospects are:


Fine Arts

Film and Photography

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Graphic Design

Studio Arts

Liberal Arts

Drama and Theater Arts



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