Newest Budget Buster

Being a member of the Boomer generation and raised by Depression era parents, I have a cell phone that is the “pay as you go” variety.  It’s affordable (okay, cheap) and I like having the ability to call someone if it’s necessary, but since its minutes are limited, it’s not designed to use to for extended discussions.  It also will send and receive text messages (although I haven’t sent any) but that’s about all it will do.  That’s okay as that’s all I want and the price is in single digits per month.

I am amazed at what the new generation of phones will do – mobile banking, searching the internet, and loading a variety of special apps being among their abilities.  Even though my phone won’t do any of that, I also avoid the higher cost of such capabilities.

There is a link to an article below which talks about these new phones as family budget killers (their term, not mine).  Some families are apparently rethinking their spending in order to be able to continue affording their cell phones, some to the extent that they no longer go out to eat.  That’s their choice, but don’t you think that there might be a happy medium somewhere?  How did we get to the point that 6 Gigs of downloaded material per month isn’t enough – one family is upgrading to 8 gigs per month.  Of course, that is more expensive.  Is your phone costing you more than you planned?  Be careful, read the small print, and calculate the total expenses for these admittedly amazing phones before signing the contract.

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