No Longer Free

If you think your paycheck doesn’t go as far as it used to, you’d be right, and inflation is only one of the reasons.  It seems there are some things you used to get for free that you now have to pay for.  Below are some examples, inspired by a article.

  1. Free Checking – it used to be that almost 80% of financial institutions offered a checking account free of monthly service charges.  Now only 45% offer a non-interest checking account without either a minimum account balance or some other behavior, such as a minimum number of debit card transactions per month.
  2. Free pizza delivery – many places specializing in food delivery now add a two or three dollar delivery charge, above any driver tip.
  3. Air travel freebies – earphones, blankets, and carry-on luggage all used to be free.  Now you may find that you will be charged for earphones to hear that movie being played on long flights, or a pillow or blanket to help you sleep during the flight.
  4. On-line newspapers – it used to be free for many newspapers, which now require subscriptions for access to their web sites.
  5. Television – before the advent of cable, broadcast television was free; all you had to do was buy a pair of rabbit ears (okay, maybe even a weird looking antenna for your roof).  Then cable came along, and offered a wide selection of channels, which, of course, meant a monthly subscription charge.  Now we pay what feels like an increasing monthly charge for cable or satellite programming, and we still hear complaints that there’s nothing on the tube we find interesting.
  6. Campus fees for what used to be free – for example, fitness and parking facilities.

All UKFCU checking is still free of monthly service charges, with no minimum balance or transaction minimums.

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