Yearly Archives: 2012

Saving on gasoline

I know, we’ve all heard how properly inflated tires can maximize fuel economy in your motor vehicle, and plan your day in order to do all your shopping in one trip thereby driving fewer miles, resulting in less gasoline used. … Read More »


I was lucky enough to spend time overseas, courtesy of Uncle Sam, in societies where bargaining was considered the rule instead of the exception.  It was a natural event to negotiate the price of a product and was even an… Read More »

No Longer Free

If you think your paycheck doesn’t go as far as it used to, you’d be right, and inflation is only one of the reasons.  It seems there are some things you used to get for free that you now have… Read More »

General Tips – Spring 2012

I recently watched a news show about avoiding scams and keeping your finances secure.  It made me think about some general hints involving finances which would be worth reviewing.

Rent or Buy?

As Mortgage Loan interest rates stay low and the price of housing nationwide continues to fall, the cost of renting a home has begun to seem less attractive than buying one.