Personal Finance for College Students

A college education does more than continue your classroom education; it also helps you branch out and mature socially and become more independent from your family structure.  It should also be a time in which you begin planning for your future, such as picking a major.  Unfortunately, while in college some students accumulate more debt than they are able to handle comfortably upon graduating.  For the financial side of things, there’s help in the form of a Personal Finance Program for college students (link below), which can be summed as follows:

  • Open a Checking Account – search for a free Checking Account (which are not as numerous as they used to be, thanks the Law of Unintended Consequences and Congress), decide which features you want and learn how to avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Create a Budget – you’ll need to know your weekly or monthly expenses and decide which are optional.  You’ll also need to know your total income for that time frame in order to make proper decisions on expenditures and savings.
  • Build a credit history.  Choose a credit card with low interest rates and avoid late charges and other fees.
  • As much as is possible while in school, avoid too much debt.

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Information on a low interest rate Visa card.

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