Saving on gasoline

I know, we’ve all heard how properly inflated tires can maximize fuel economy in your motor vehicle, and plan your day in order to do all your shopping in one trip thereby driving fewer miles, resulting in less gasoline used.  But are all the suggestions we’ve heard worthwhile?

For example, It used to be that having a brand new clean air filter could increase your fuel economy, but with today’s cars, having computer controlled the air/fuel mixture, reducing air flow automatically causes your engine to reduce the amount of fuel in the chambers.  In a test, the fuel usage stayed the same, but the acceleration was noted to be a bit slower.  Of course, I must add the disclaimer that a clean air filter is better in the long run for your engine; it just doesn’t necessarily add to your fuel economy.

Another common saying that may no longer be true is that running your air conditioner leads to better fuel mileage than driving with your windows open.  According to an article linked below, that is not the case, at least when they ran a test at 65 mph using a Honda Accord (maybe something to do with the better aerodynamics of today’s cars).

Here’s the full article with more hints on fuel economy.

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