Tips for shopping online – slow down and possibly save some money

Recently I needed to replace some brakes on my vehicle. I called around to a few shops to get quotes to replace the front pads and rotors on my vehicle. I got quotes ranging from $280 – $375. In the past, I have replaced front brake pads/rotors myself. I looked up the price of the parts I would need on an auto parts website, which ended up being $128 including tax.

I almost made my purchase thinking I was saving approximately $150 from having a mechanic do the work. I had recently attended a coupon seminar that UKFCU had hosted and I remembered to check for online coupons. I did a quick search on and found many different coupons. I found one that was $30 off a $75 purchase. Initially, I thought that was a pretty good deal. It would have made my total $96, and I would be saving almost $180 doing it myself.

But something told me I could do better. I looked over the coupon codes on again and saw a few other coupons that were interesting. I did some calculations and determined I was using the best coupon. I kept thinking. My sub-total before taxes was $121, if I subtracted $75 from my order (to use the first coupon I mentioned) then I would still have $46 worth of merchandise I was purchasing but not really getting a discount on.

That’s when the idea hit me, place two separate orders and use two separate coupons. There was another coupon that was $15 off a $40 purchase. This was perfect. Luckily, I could split the six items I needed on two orders so that I could use both coupons.

In the end I paid $80.71 for the parts I needed, instead of my original price of $128.41. I saved 37.15% or $47.70. By doing the job myself I ended up saving $200 from having my mechanic do it.

I wrote this article as a reminder… when shopping online, be sure to check for coupon codes, and consider if placing more than one order might be better than ordering everything at once. In some cases you are better off placing one (shipping charges), but it doesn’t hurt to think about it. Doing so could save you some money.

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