College Majors, Part III

So, how do you choose a college major? Should you go with your main interest (such as wanting to be a veterinarian) without regard to potential salary or rate of employment, or should these also be factors to be considered in declaring a major? Or, as one site puts it, what’s more important – money or happiness (by the way, there’s nothing wrong with both)?

Some people might decide strictly on salary, and wind up working at a job they dread facing every Monday morning, while others might decide to pursue their interests and find that not having enough income to pay their bills is not so much fun either. Of course, it could happen that your dream job also pays well, but you get the point – choose your major wisely.

One source I researched listed well-paying majors; no surprise here, engineering majors predominated (by the way, I never knew there were so many different types of engineers, such as chemical, electrical, petroleum, aerospace, computer, nuclear, biomedical). Another source listed majors with high employment rates, which was heavily favored by medical, engineering and other technological jobs. These sources are easily googled, in case you are interested.

Another case can be made, however, that your first job might not be your dream job, but you may be able to earn or upgrade your way into what may well be your passion. In a time of high unemployment you may have to look hard and long for any job, but you can learn something valuable from most any job and use that as a foundation for something better in the future. For more discussion on this topic, see this article.

UKFCU has a web site offering articles and tips on finances here.

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