Holiday Scams

Part of the attraction to the upcoming Holiday Season is, let’s face it, finding the perfect present for that special someone.  Here are some scams consumer groups are warning shoppers to avoid:

  • Gift Card scams – you know those racks of gift cards hanging in store aisles, accessible to anyone?  Thieves have been known to copy down the card numbers and scratch off the security code before putting it back on the rack to be purchased by an unwary consumer.  As soon as the card is activated the thief has access to the value on the card and goes on an inter4net shopping spree.  Check gift cards carefully before purchasing them
  • Package theft – packages which have been left at the front door can be spotted and taken before the homeowner gets there, never suspecting that a package has been delivered.
  • Counterfeit websites – some fake websites can look nearly identical to actual retailer websites.  Be careful where you click and check the site address.  If in doubt, look for a phone number to call and verify the site is valid.
  • Malware e-cards – electronic greeting cards may contain a link that will end up with malicious software on your computer with the intention of accessing your personal information.
  • Grandparent scams – where someone pretending to be a “stranded” grandchild or other relative claim they need money sent to them immediately for transportation or even medical needs.
  • Mall pickpockets – in malls or other crowds ensure you keep an awareness of purses, wallets, and other things of value.

There are other scams but one that happens frequently is identity theft.  UKFCU offers members a discount for joining Lifelock identity theft protection.  Click here for more details

For a full list of Holiday scams, click here



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