Start the New Year with Freebies

I make it a point to avoid any New Year’s resolutions since most are ignored after the first week.  However, it might be a good way to start 2013 searching for some freebies.  Here are some you may find yourself enjoying.

  1. Free Wi-Fi may be found in restaurants and stores trying to win your business; may also be offered in libraries.
  2. Free software, such as offered by Google Docs or
  3. Free language lessons, such as found at
  4. Unlimited texting is available in some phone plans.
  5. Free workouts – instead of paying a monthly fee to run a treadmill in a gym, try walking or jogging outside.  In inclement weather, find an inside mall to walk in.
  6. Free tax help; call the IRS help line at 800-829-1040.
  7. Free books, music and movies can be checked out in your local public library.
  8. Free television; yup, broadcast TV is still available, and it’s still free, unlike cable of satellite TV.
  9. Free Checking – tired of paying a monthly service charge for a checking account?  Come to UKFCU, where our checking accounts are all without a monthly service charge.  Click here for more information on our checking accounts.

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