Ways to Cut Driving Costs

We are all feeling the effects of increasing gasoline costs, so it’s a good time to review ways to keep driving costs to a minimum. I’m writing this even as I acknowledge that the minimum is way bigger than it used to be, especially for those of us remembering when fuel costs were based on $3 per barrel of crude.

First, super-fast acceleration decreases gas mileage, as does consistently driving faster than the speed limit. Both of these contribute to needing more fuel than necessary, which of course translates into higher overall fuel costs.

In addition to slowing down, combining errands and planning your trips around town, keeping tire pressure where it belongs and getting rid of unnecessary weight (all things that make sense) to increase fuel efficiency (thereby decreasing driving cost), what else can we do?

Here’s a link below to an article from UKFCU’s Home and Family Finance section that recommends taking insurance and depreciation costs into consideration when purchasing a car. It also lists vehicles by category (small, mid-size, Hybrids, etc.) that it considers low-cost high-value picks. Click here for the article http://hffo.cuna.org/18287/article/3686/html

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