Check Out These Tips For Senior Discounts

Discounts for Seniors

The term seniors is not meant to describe the last year of school, but rather people who, for the most part, are beyond middle age.  Yup, I’m talking about some of the fiscal advantages offered to older people.

Senior discounts are offered for many products and services you see and use every day.  Various stores and organizations may have differing ages upon which they start offering discounts, so it may behoove you to ask if they offer a “Senior Discount”.  Some may start as young as 50 so it will never hurt to ask and could lead to a discount on your purchase.

Some discounts are well known, such as the ones offered at certain fast food restaurants, but did you know some other common expenses can be reduced by a senior discount?  For example, your  yearly real estate tax is a large expense on which some counties offer a discount to homeowners of a certain age. Contact your county to see if and when you may be eligible for this discount.

Seniors may also save money on insurance, such as automobile insurance for those with good driving records or, in some cases, those who pass a safe driving class. Call your insurance agent to see if you could qualify for a lower rate.

Another area in which you may save money as a senior is in travel.  Some airlines offer lower rates for people over 62. Check out the airline website to see if they offer age-based discounts before booking any flights.  Amtrak also offers lower fares to seniors. You may be able to save substantial amounts of money by spending a few minutes in researching available discounts either online or through the phone.

In addition to restaurants (some of whom have separate sections in their menu for seniors), movie theatres and concerts often sell tickets to seniors at reduced rates, but you usually have to ask when purchasing tickets in order to receive the discount.

Other places may also offer senior discounts.  Why not ask?  All they can say is, “Sorry, we don’t offer any.” You could be saving some of your hard-earned money.  Essentially, it all comes down to being proactive about asking for a discount but you’ll find it’s worth the effort.

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