Guiding Financial Principles

Cornerstones of financial literacy

At UK Federal Credit Union, we believe that achieving financial well being requires a solid plan and a financial partner committed to your goals.

We developed the Guiding Financial Principles to help our members practice these cornerstones of financial literacy:

Pay Yourself First

  • Set specific and measurable goals
  • Commit to saving and investing a regular portion of income

Live Within Your Means

  • Create a budget and review it regularly
  • Differentiate between needs and wants

Assure Your Family’s Stability

  • Evaluate insurance needs and maintain adequate coverage
  • Consider estate planning and at least have a properly prepared will

Never Stop Learning

  • Amass financial knowledge
  • Consider continuing education to enhance unique skills and insure advancement

UK Federal Credit Union is proud to support these principles in a variety of ways including seminars, strategic partnerships and top rate financial education tools. You will also find these values present in our employees as we strive to build financial partnerships member by member.