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Why You May Never Be Rich

Why You May Never Be Rich No, not because you don’t have any rich relatives. There are some financial bad habits common to many in our society.  Some of these are entirely obvious, yet are mistakes people frequently make in… Read More »


Discounts Have you ever wondered if you can get a discount on everyday items, such as restaurant food, or retail stores and buy clothes or other items at a discount?  Wonder no more – the chances are you can, if… Read More »

Holiday Scams

Part of the attraction to the upcoming Holiday Season is, let’s face it, finding the perfect present for that special someone.  Here are some scams consumer groups are warning shoppers to avoid: Gift Card scams – you know those racks… Read More »

Why Credit Unions are better than Banks

Why Credit Unions are better than Banks Okay, so why should I use a credit union instead of a bank?  The usual answer is that credit unions are not-for-profit organizations owned by their members, whereas banks are owned by stockholders,… Read More »

Tips for College Students

Tips for College Students It’s the beginning of your freshman year and you’re truly on your own and it feels wonderful. You’ve probably been cautioned about spending too much money too quickly, but it’s hard to know where to draw… Read More »

Avoid these retirement mistakes

Money MSN recently provided an article listing common mistakes people make in their retirement plans. Below is a summary of what you should avoid when planning your future. First – don’t mishandle Social Security. Some folks don’t do some simple… Read More »

Auto-buying tips

If you’re thinking of purchasing a vehicle, the following tips may help you save money and avoid bumps along the way. Consider your needs. Do you need an automatic or manual transmission? How many people will typically ride with you?… Read More »

College Majors, Part III

So, how do you choose a college major? Should you go with your main interest (such as wanting to be a veterinarian) without regard to potential salary or rate of employment, or should these also be factors to be considered… Read More »

Thoughts on Retirement

Have you heard about some cities and towns in the United States that are facing bankruptcy? In addition to spending more than they take in (gee, wonder why that sounds familiar) they have another common problem; the planners are using… Read More »