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Ways You Can Save on Higher Education Costs

According to a recent survey over three quarters of all Americans have said they are living paycheck to paycheck, meaning they have little if any savings. How then can so many Americans attend college, since higher education costs thousands of… Read More »

Check Out These Tips For Senior Discounts

Discounts for Seniors The term seniors is not meant to describe the last year of school, but rather people who, for the most part, are beyond middle age.  Yup, I’m talking about some of the fiscal advantages offered to older… Read More »

Predictions That Were Really Off the Mark

Predictions That Were Really Off the Mark It is always funny when experts get it wrong. Here are some classic predictions. “Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons,” by Popular Mechanics, 1949. “I think there is… Read More »

12 Tips to Save Money in 2014

12 Tips to Save Money in 2014 Over the years, I have realized the best way for me to save money is to have it deducted automatically from my paycheck and deposited directly into a Savings account. Some people reading… Read More »

Coupon Sites to Help You Save Money!

Coupons to Help You Save Money! I am sure you’ve noticed prices of food and other products have been increasing over the last few years. As a result you’ve necessarily become more conscious about spending your hard-earned dollars every time… Read More »

More Scams to Avoid

More Scams to Avoid According to the BBB, these are the scams that seemed to be the most widespread, aimed at the most vulnerable, growing in popularity, or just plain audacious. Medical Alert Scam Here’s a new twist to a… Read More »

Why You May Never Be Rich

Why You May Never Be Rich No, not because you don’t have any rich relatives. There are some financial bad habits common to many in our society.  Some of these are entirely obvious, yet are mistakes people frequently make in… Read More »

How Long Does Information Stay on Credit Reports?

How Long Does Information Stay on Your Credit Report? This is a common question and recently Terri Williams, of Consumer Information Solutions, shared some useful information on this topic. Here’s what Terri had to say, “I recently had a client… Read More »

Holiday Scams

Part of the attraction to the upcoming Holiday Season is, let’s face it, finding the perfect present for that special someone.  Here are some scams consumer groups are warning shoppers to avoid: Gift Card scams – you know those racks… Read More »

Auto-buying tips

If you’re thinking of purchasing a vehicle, the following tips may help you save money and avoid bumps along the way. Consider your needs. Do you need an automatic or manual transmission? How many people will typically ride with you?… Read More »