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Consumer Awareness

Newest Budget Buster

Being a member of the Boomer generation and raised by Depression era parents, I have a cell phone that is the “pay as you go” variety.  It’s affordable (okay, cheap) and I like having the ability to call someone if… Read More »

Why Join a Credit Union?

Having worked at banks both large and small as well as having been part of the credit union world, I can compare the two worlds with reasonable detachment and accuracy.  Most differences are due to the fact that banks are… Read More »

Financial Smarts for College Kids

We’ve read about people getting into financial trouble from, among other things, spending too much on their credit cards or paying too much for a checking account.  This is especially worrisome to college students and their parents. Any time is… Read More »

12 Months Same As Cash…or is it?

We’ve all seen the ads, heard the commercials…“Buy now, 12 months same as cash!” Are these deals good or bad? Are they a rip-off? What’s the catch? They may not be a rip-off as long as you pay off the… Read More »

Personal Finance for College Students

A college education does more than continue your classroom education; it also helps you branch out and mature socially and become more independent from your family structure.  It should also be a time in which you begin planning for your… Read More »

Do It Yourself?

While I was in the service and visiting my parents while on leave, my Mom told me about a plumbing problem that my Dad tried to fix. Turns out that somehow or other he tried to loosen some pipes and… Read More »