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Consumer Awareness

Charges on Credit Cards

Do you check your credit card statement to ensure it’s accurate?  Are there any unexpected items on it?  Research indicates that, although we are responsible for our statements, we rarely, if ever, review it thoroughly. Here’s why you should –… Read More »

Newest Budget Buster

Being a member of the Boomer generation and raised by Depression era parents, I have a cell phone that is the “pay as you go” variety.  It’s affordable (okay, cheap) and I like having the ability to call someone if… Read More »

Why Join a Credit Union?

Having worked at banks both large and small as well as having been part of the credit union world, I can compare the two worlds with reasonable detachment and accuracy.  Most differences are due to the fact that banks are… Read More »

Financial Smarts for College Kids

We’ve read about people getting into financial trouble from, among other things, spending too much on their credit cards or paying too much for a checking account.  This is especially worrisome to college students and their parents. Any time is… Read More »

12 Months Same As Cash…or is it?

We’ve all seen the ads, heard the commercials…“Buy now, 12 months same as cash!” Are these deals good or bad? Are they a rip-off? What’s the catch? They may not be a rip-off as long as you pay off the… Read More »

Personal Finance for College Students

A college education does more than continue your classroom education; it also helps you branch out and mature socially and become more independent from your family structure.  It should also be a time in which you begin planning for your… Read More »

Do It Yourself?

While I was in the service and visiting my parents while on leave, my Mom told me about a plumbing problem that my Dad tried to fix. Turns out that somehow or other he tried to loosen some pipes and… Read More »