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Why Credit Unions are better than Banks

Why Credit Unions are better than Banks Okay, so why should I use a credit union instead of a bank?  The usual answer is that credit unions are not-for-profit organizations owned by their members, whereas banks are owned by stockholders,… Read More »

College Majors, Part III

So, how do you choose a college major? Should you go with your main interest (such as wanting to be a veterinarian) without regard to potential salary or rate of employment, or should these also be factors to be considered… Read More »

College Majors Part II

We all know that the cost of college has increased at a higher rate than the general inflation rate, and you’ve probably heard about the high amount of debt students have upon graduating. The debt situation can be made worse… Read More »


Have you ever had an idea that you thought worthwhile that was really cool and could even  increase your bank account but someone talked you out of it?  Sometimes well-meaning people give us bad advice, such as below: “[The telephone]… Read More »

Ways to Cut Driving Costs

We are all feeling the effects of increasing gasoline costs, so it’s a good time to review ways to keep driving costs to a minimum. I’m writing this even as I acknowledge that the minimum is way bigger than it… Read More »

February Financial Fitness

I ran across an article on UKFCU’s Advice and Education page which talked about February being a good month to reset your spending cycle. Did you know that your spending has different patterns? They may be summarized as: Living paycheck… Read More »

Should you refinance your Mortgage?

Would you like to reduce your mortgage loan payment?  Mortgage rates have never been lower, at least not in my lifetime (and I remember seeing Dwight Eisenhower before he was president), so is it time to look into refinancing your… Read More »

Start the New Year with Freebies

I make it a point to avoid any New Year’s resolutions since most are ignored after the first week.  However, it might be a good way to start 2013 searching for some freebies.  Here are some you may find yourself… Read More »

Newest Budget Buster

Being a member of the Boomer generation and raised by Depression era parents, I have a cell phone that is the “pay as you go” variety.  It’s affordable (okay, cheap) and I like having the ability to call someone if… Read More »

Personal Finance for College Students

UKFCU features a Personal Financial Program under the Planning Tools section of our web site called MoneyEd. One of the selections under that area is titled Personal Finance for College Students, which breaks it down into 4 steps: Open a… Read More »