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These posts are about using money wisely. Ways to save money (coupons, good deals)


Discounts Have you ever wondered if you can get a discount on everyday items, such as restaurant food, or retail stores and buy clothes or other items at a discount?  Wonder no more – the chances are you can, if… Read More »

Tips for College Students

Tips for College Students It’s the beginning of your freshman year and you’re truly on your own and it feels wonderful. You’ve probably been cautioned about spending too much money too quickly, but it’s hard to know where to draw… Read More »

Auto-buying tips

If you’re thinking of purchasing a vehicle, the following tips may help you save money and avoid bumps along the way. Consider your needs. Do you need an automatic or manual transmission? How many people will typically ride with you?… Read More »

Ways to Cut Driving Costs

We are all feeling the effects of increasing gasoline costs, so it’s a good time to review ways to keep driving costs to a minimum. I’m writing this even as I acknowledge that the minimum is way bigger than it… Read More »

Should you refinance your Mortgage?

Would you like to reduce your mortgage loan payment?  Mortgage rates have never been lower, at least not in my lifetime (and I remember seeing Dwight Eisenhower before he was president), so is it time to look into refinancing your… Read More »

Start the New Year with Freebies

I make it a point to avoid any New Year’s resolutions since most are ignored after the first week.  However, it might be a good way to start 2013 searching for some freebies.  Here are some you may find yourself… Read More »

Newest Budget Buster

Being a member of the Boomer generation and raised by Depression era parents, I have a cell phone that is the “pay as you go” variety.  It’s affordable (okay, cheap) and I like having the ability to call someone if… Read More »

Money Mistakes

Have you ever sat down and thought back to some decision you made that seemed appropriate at the time but turned out to be a less than stellar move? I sure have, for example when I bought a used car… Read More »

12 Months Same As Cash…or is it?

We’ve all seen the ads, heard the commercials…“Buy now, 12 months same as cash!” Are these deals good or bad? Are they a rip-off? What’s the catch? They may not be a rip-off as long as you pay off the… Read More »

Budgeting tips for parents and students

You may think that because your student doesn’t earn a lot of income they really don’t need to budget, but, on the contrary, it’s the perfect time for a student to learn money management skills that will help them through… Read More »