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When you are trying to put money away, what to do with it…like cd laddering, savings accounts, money market.

Start Saving Now

I saw an interesting article about how starting a Savings Account for a child (in any amount) was of significant statistical benefit for that child going to college. The article, linked below, stated that they were more likely to enroll… Read More »

February Financial Fitness

I ran across an article on UKFCU’s Advice and Education page which talked about February being a good month to reset your spending cycle. Did you know that your spending has different patterns? They may be summarized as: Living paycheck… Read More »

Tips for shopping online – slow down and possibly save some money

Recently I needed to replace some brakes on my vehicle. I called around to a few shops to get quotes to replace the front pads and rotors on my vehicle. I got quotes ranging from $280 – $375. In the… Read More »


I was lucky enough to spend time overseas, courtesy of Uncle Sam, in societies where bargaining was considered the rule instead of the exception.  It was a natural event to negotiate the price of a product and was even an… Read More »

Groceries vs. Clothes and Accessories

When it comes to shopping I love a great deal, especially when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories.  While I will mention some tips on shopping and other fun things, I’ll first talk about our everyday expenses like going… Read More »

Easy Ways to Start Saving Money

Everyone (alright, most people) knows that we’re supposed to start a savings account.  So how do we do that when we have more month left at the end of our money?  In a nutshell, do things like: Have a set… Read More »