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Things the new generation will never experience

I read an article about things that the younger generation will never experience, such as library card catalogues and winding up old cassette tapes with a pencil that had become entangled in the release mechanism.  I decided to make a… Read More »

Saving Money on Food

I saw a page from a university’s web site showing the cost of various meal tickets and noted how expensive some of the meal plans were, which got me to wondering how we could save money on food. Eating, after… Read More »

You’re Spending How Much?

I just read about a former NFL player who retired a couple of years ago and, after making tens of millions of dollars in a short career, has declared himself broke and living with his parents. How in the world… Read More »

Using Funds Wisely

Hi!  Welcome back to school.  I would like to discuss a few basic tips that will help you start the school year off on the right financial foot.

More on Saving by Reducing Expenses

The recent economic downturn is expected to lead to sales on many big-ticket items like cars, airfare and electronics. You can also save on smaller monthly expenses. It just makes smart sense to save wherever you can. A little research… Read More »

Some people may misunderstand frugality

I’m always amazed at what people buy because they “need” it (I include myself in that one – does anyone need a barely used Home Gym?). Some people may think buying what you need and bypassing what you don’t really… Read More »

The Most Annoying Bank Fees

We all get upset at seeing fees eating away at our fast disappearing paycheck. With recent federal regulations and the Law of Unintended Consequences, you may be seeing an increase in those already annoying fees among your typical financial institutions.… Read More »

Beware of Fake Check Scams

According to the National Consumer’s League, fake check scams are the most pervasive fraud in America, hitting virtually every demographic group with some variation of the same clever con. The basic way it works is this: You get a check… Read More »

Saving money by cutting expenses

My wife, who pays our bills, was ecstatic when our most recent utility (read electric) bill was less than half of what it was this past really cold winter. It’s not that we did without heat (or air conditioning), nor… Read More »

Helping Parents Manage Their Money

I was talking on the phone with my sister the other day when the conversation shifted to our Mom and her older sister both living longer than average lives. So long, in fact, that family had to help them receive… Read More »