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Some Ways That Being Frugal Can Cost You Money

It can be smart to be frugal but sometimes your attempts to save money can have financial consequences that costs more money in the long term. Here are some ways you shouldn’t cut corners. Miserly Maintenance. Spending a little on… Read More »

Avoid these common retirement mistakes

Okay, the biggest and most common mistake is that people don’t start planning for retirement early enough. Having said that, the most common mistakes made by those already retired or ready to retire are summarized below from an article by… Read More »

You’ve lost your wallet…Now what?

Losing your wallet or purse can be a frightening experience. You’ve lost your cash and debit/credit cards, and also your driver’s license and other personal information or items your wallet may have held. File a Police Report Let police know… Read More »

How should you use a Credit Card?

Using a credit card instead of using cash or a check MAY be a good idea since it’s convenient, safe and secure, all on one bill, and may offer rewards. But use it wisely. While it may not be easy… Read More »

Saving for Retirement

Retirement planning requires asking yourself some questions, such as “When do I begin saving for retirement?”, “How do I start?” and “Should I purchase stocks, bonds, annuities, commodities, mutual funds or other assets?” The answer to the first question is… Read More »

Wasting Money

Okay, so you’re on a budget and you’re still unable to save any money. I read an article that detailed 10 things which we commonly purchase that result in less than efficient usage of our funds. It should be… Read More »

Thoughts on Credit Cards

Credit Cards have their place and can be useful when used correctly, such as when I was traveling in another state and needed some quasi-expensive repair work done on my car. Not having enough cash on hand to have the… Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions

We all know that the New Year brings thoughts about it being a fresh start and what you would like to do differently this year. These thoughts frequently become New Year’s Resolutions, which we also know are frequently broken or… Read More »

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

How many times have we heard “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is” and “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” Then again, there are always exceptions, so I wondered if there were some freebies that… Read More »

Grads returning home.

A good job is hard to find, especially when you’re starting out and don’t have any experience outside of summer jobs on your resume. Actually, any job is scarce these days. And it’s harder for people fresh out of school… Read More »