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It rarely takes long for University of Kentucky students to begin referring to Lexington as "home." However, the Office of International Affairs offers a multitude of opportunities for students to open the doors  of opportunity to establish other homes around the world.

Education Abroad (EA) facilitates high-quality, academically sound and experientially rich study abroad, research abroad and intern abroad programs for UK students. EA also oversees international student exchange programming with partner universities around the world and all other international experiences.

These programs boost UK's promise to thoroughly prepare students for life after graduation. According to a June 2007 article in the Going Global newsletter, three out of four executives cite education abroad as important when evaluating candidates for junior-level positions. Sixty-seven percent of Human Resources executives surveyed said that an education abroad experience within a culturally diverse student environment distinguishes a job candidate.

UK education abroad programs provide opportunities for students to enroll in academic coursework in other countries that complements UK curriculums. Students can choose from a variety of program types, including UK faculty-led programs. Programs also range in length from a couple of weeks to a full academic year, and are offered during each term including winter and summer intersessions.

Research abroad programs allow students to craft a unique research experience by working at some of the world's top research institutions or by researching independently in a particular field.

UK students also have access to dozens of international internship programs. Options vary from full-time internships over the summer, to hybrid study abroad programs during the academic year, which integrate both academic coursework and internship opportunities. Students generally earn UK internship credit in coordination with UK's James W. Stuckert Career Center.

Finally, the EA office  provides opportunities for teaching abroad as well as service learning abroad.

Education abroad programs are designed to complement the academic, graduate or professional goals of every student. Depending on the program a student selects, he or she can enroll in courses that fulfill major or minor, elective, foreign language or UK Core requirements. EA staff members work with students to plan coursework in a manner that maintains or accelerates the student's path to graduation. This careful planning often allows students to avoid financial burdens.

The EA team has extensive professional experience in international education programming. As international experience continues to become more vital in an increasingly globalized world, the EA office strives to offer insightful guidance, on-going orientation and on-going support to any student considering or planning an education abroad experience.