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Microsoft Campus Agreement for Faculty and Staff

Through funds approved by UK President Lee T. Todd, Jr., a Campus Agreement providing a site license for selected Microsoft desktop software has been signed. The agreement provides that every regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff member now can download the latest versions, including upgrades, of the licensed software. Please read the UK Faculty and Staff Microsoft Software Agreement Clarification for more information.

These products should no longer be purchased from commercial sources:

  • Office 2003 Professional and below

  • Windows XP Professional and below

  • Core CAL - Client Access Licenses
Am I required to do anything at this time?

The procurement of the Microsoft Campus Agreement provides a number of benefits to the University community including: authorizing faculty and staff to use the software on any departmental computer, lab computer, library computer, or a home computer that is used for work-related purposes. Long-term advantages include the reduced costs of acquiring, upgrading, maintaining and managing campus software.

Note: Proof of licensure is maintained centrally to ensure institutional compliance with copyright infringement laws.


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