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The license agreement is not unlike other site-licensed software agreements at the University. However, it is the largest UK site license arrangement ever for faculty and staff, and it allows for the most economical access to key Microsoft products on campus. The following are benefits of the Microsoft agreement:

  • Provides access to widely used Microsoft desktop and operating system software for faculty and staff. The Macintosh platform is included in the Desktop Suite as available.

  • Provides an opportunity to work with current software that might otherwise be unaffordable.
  • Allows access to the latest versions for all software products covered in the agreement.

  • Low, cost-effective pricing which is fixed over the term of the agreement.
  • Licenses issued under the agreement will be perpetual. Copies purchased with institutional funds for faculty/staff will be owned by the institution and remain with the institution after a faculty or staff member leaves.

  • Home use is allowed for the desktop software by faculty and staff, but for UK business purposes only.
  • The agreement provides a standardization framework for compatibility of Microsoft desktop support across the University by providing access to the latest versions. This should lead to streamlined university-wide computing support services.

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