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How Can I Use the Licensed Microsoft Products?


The Microsoft Campus Agreement mandates that the licensed Microsoft software, including upgrades, installed on a faculty or staff member’s personal system may only be used for work-related purposes.

In addition, the Agreement also requires the University to communicate use terms and conditions to faculty and staff members who are eligible to participate.

Please read the following information outlining the mandated use restrictions.

Work at Home Use Rights: The institution may grant limited Work-at-Home Use Rights to eligible faculty and staff members. These rights permit the use of the licensed Microsoft software on a personally-owned computer for work-related purposes only.

Users are not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes.

Notice to all Users

  1. (The University of Kentucky) has entered into an agreement with (Microsoft).
  2. (The University) is only licensed to run the Software during the term of this agreement.
  3. If this agreement is not renewed or if the buyout option is exercised, then the Software licensed under this agreement must be deleted and removed from all computers at the time that this agreement expires or is terminated.
  4. The University must periodically publish in your school-wide publication and applicable web sites either the then current License Agreement or a reference to the location (either physical or on a computer network) where the License Agreement can be reviewed.
  5. The University will provide all reasonable cooperation to Microsoft to investigate and remedy any unauthorized reproduction of the Software made available for access or use to your Users.


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