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Frequently Asked Questions

UK students apply muscle (and mulch) to making their near neighborhoods more beautiful

UK students apply muscle (and mulch) to making their near neighborhoods more beautiful.

Why was UNAC formed?

While attending Neighborhood Association meetings and speaking one on one with concerned citizens living in neighborhoods adjacent to the University of Kentucky, the Executive Director for Community Relations saw many consistent patterns centered around-long standing issues.  It seemed that a more structured body could take a more proactive approach in dealing with these issues.  The University Neighborhood Advisory Council (UNAC) evolved out of a three part Feasibility Study conducted by Steve Kay in October of 2005. The first phase consisted of interviews of community citizens.  The second phase was the creation of an Ad Hoc Work Group to recommend a structure and membership for the Council.  The third phase was to proceed in creating a Council.  Since its formation in 2006, the University Neighborhood Advisory Council has discussed a range of issues and has created as set of recommendations for the university president to review. 

How were people selected to be on the Council?

President Lee T. Todd, Jr. selected the members from names of individuals proposed by the Ad Hoc Work Group. Members include neighborhood residents and university staff.

What areas are included in the discussions at UNAC meetings?

UNAC focuses on issues and concerns associated with the neighborhoods adjacent to the UK campus.

How can my neighborhood be designated as a priority when UNAC formulates its recommendations?

Contact the Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement to discuss this.

Do you duplicate the Town and Gown Commission?

No. The University Neighborhood Advisory Council works specifically with issues relating to our near neighbors. Should any issue or concern arise which the Town and Gown Commission addresses, all recommendations or information will be given to the co-chairs of that Commission.

What is the EAHP Program?

The University of Kentucky operates an Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP) for eligible employees. This program provides “forgivable loans” of up to $15,000 to eligible employees for down payment, closing cost, rehabilitation and renovation assistance for the purchase of houses, condominiums, town houses and duplexes in the designated neighborhood revitalization areas. The loans will be secured by a lien on the property. Each participating employee agrees to live in the home purchased through this program for at least five (5) years, after which the lien will be removed.

Someone in my neighborhood wants to sell a house. Can anyone on campus assist me with this?

The University of Kentucky’s EAHP program provides a listing of houses for sale by owner. These properties are located within the Designated Neighborhood Revitalization Area for the University of Kentucky.

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