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Straight Talk

As members of the UK community and its neighbors have questions about activities, events, or initiatives on campus or in the near neighborhoods, UNAC will work to develop accurate, honest answers, and post them here.

2-8-08: What about rumors that Kentucky Utilities plans to move oversize utility poles from Rose Street to Woodland Avenue?

Bob Wiseman, UK Vice President for Facilities Management, told UNAC members on February 4, 2007, that construction of the new UK Hospital requires triple-redundant supplies of electrical power. UK's cost to meet this need and put most of the lines from three different electrical sub-stations underground is $11.5million. In order to avoid an additional $2.5 million in costs to UK while still delivering the power the hospital requires, Kentucky Utilities will have to put up new, large poles on one block of Woodland Avenue (from Euclid to Columbia). Some lines on Rose Street will come down. The pole at the corner of Rose Street and Euclid will remain

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