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Course Exception Forms

To petition the General Education Exceptions Committee to accept one or more courses taken from other colleges or universities as meeting the requirements for one or more Graduation Writing, USP or UK Core courses, please select the approprate form below. If you have any questions, please contact Joanie Ett-Mims at or call 257-9039.

  • Please run a new APEX audit to determine before submitting whether the UK Core or USP area for which you are requesting an exception is already fulfilled by another course.
  • Please determine before submitting whether you are requesting an exception for a general education (UK Core or USP) requirement, graduation writing requirement, OR a college requirement. If you are requesting an exception for a college requirement (Arts & Sciences or Business & Economics, for example), then you will need to contact your college's main advising office rather than pursue a general education or graduation writing requirement exception. Your academic advisor can assist you with any questions.

USP Exceptions

UK Core Exceptions

Graduation Writing Requirement Exceptions

If, after you have submitted a petition for a UK Core/USP exception and it has been decided, you would like to appeal the decision, you may fill out this form.




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